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To Pencil or Not to Pencil (THE RULES AND TIPS)

Posted on December 08 2015

Steve Guthrie Fall 2015 - Pencil SkirtYesterday, I was with my banker (don’t’ get the wrong idea – I was getting something notarized, not building a financial empire) and we were discussing my black pique pencil skirt from this season’s collection. She is “short” and so we were talking about how she always hems her skirts above the knee so she doesn’t look too squat (my word not hers). And though I think that’s a great idea if you want a knee length skirt, I also think there are other options for taking advantage of the below the knee pencil skirt trend, even if your vertically challenged. So set out I did to find the rules / advice.

Here they are: 

Tuck or Untuck – your shirt that is. 

  1. Tucking in a shirt with a pencil skirt elongates the silhouette and hence your stature. I have a wonderful friend, who was one of the first to buy the Steve Guthrie pencil skirt. She’s very petite but has worn this style on and off for most of our lives and I can attest that it works. 

    Tucking in the shirt also creates a slimmer looking waist. And since the Steve Guthrie version is high-waisted, it adds to that slimmer waist look.  Add to that that two darts in front add a slimming effect too.

  2. Untucking the shirt gives a more relaxed look AND elongates the torso.

Different looks – how to style the pencil skirt

    1. Dress shirt – for a classy look. Tuck it in.
    2. Dressy blouse – for a more feminine look
    3. Floral top – spice it up. I’d add to this just any print top.
    4. Black – head to toe. Or add texture with the gold chenille jacquard skirt from this season.
    5. Light colors – for an airy outfit. Again couple a light blouse with the gold chenille jacquard skirt.

     Steve Guthrie Fall 2015 - Gold Chenille Jacquard Pencil Skirt

    Casual – from office to party 
    1. Wear a tee – whether hemmed above the knee or left to cover the knobs, a black tee works.
    2. Texturize – whether sequins or a chenille jacquard, tucking in a tee and showing off a small waist (remember we have a high-waisted skirt), works at work and at play.
    3. Wear a blazer – roll up the sleeves as you turn off your work computer and set out for the Happy Hour... it works. 

    Hope these help in working out your pencil skirt options. For more on these tips, please read the entire article from which these were taken on The Chic Fashionista, “How to Wear & Style Pencil Skirts” -


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